Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, lost?

Are you are feeling like your child needs more support at school but don’t know how navigate the process?

Know you are not alone, many parents and family members feel overwhelmed by the process of getting their child the support they need in school. In some cases this is through the special education. The specially designed instruction and supports provided through special education and listed in an IEP can be incredibly valuable. Some students do not need specially designed instruction but do need a 504 to provide access to the curriculum and accommodate learning.

It is often a very emotional experience to try to understand the needs of a student. As parents and loved ones we want the best for our children. We want them to be successful and happy.

We love when teachers work together to make these desires come to fruition. There are laws and safeguards in place to ensure that your child gets an appropriate education. Sadly, it can at times be difficult to understand and even when we have an understanding of the process emotions can frequently cloud our thinking when it comes to our own children.

Sometime just having someone else in the room can help those feelings of stress and overwhelm. More importantly, I want to help you go into your next IEP or 504 meeting not feeling nervous but confident. I want to help you have knowledge and understanding to ask questions and have discussions about your child’s education.

I always say never go to an IEP meeting alone. I would love to help your child get the support they need. Don’t go it alone, let’s do it together.